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Light Therapy = Healing

a quick overview

beyt OMR is a Private Membership Association (PMA) home-based clinic, focused specifically on treating disfunction in the body using full spectrum, intense wattage, photon light therapy. Please take a moment to review the medical white papers, testimonial videos, and the benefits of light therapy, found in the link below, or by clicking on our blog.

We also offer natural amino acids called Lymplex Plus, that we feel should be used in conjunction with photon light therapy in order to receive maximum healing advantages.

As beyt OMR grows, we will be adding other tangible lifestyle choices that you can make for the wellbeing of your health, in the way of linen undergarments and pajamas, freshly milled grained bread, and natural dog remedies for your beloved pets. Please feel free to ask any questions by calling or emailing.

Light therapy is a well proven scientific practice; with the Bales Photonics Firefly offered as the main solution to health challenges at beyt OMR, the results are truly life changing. We hope we can help guide you to your health freedom. - beyt OMR: house of fruit & promise. 

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beyt OMR

the mission

beyt OMR: house of fruit & promise is a space of rest and restoration where we aim to provide healing modalities that are from the "real science”: nature. We purposely take the time to teach each person about the causes and effects of a synthetically-charged environment, how to combat the effects of that environment as it has effected their health, and restore the damage at the cellular, emotional, and spiritual levels within the human body. Our goal is ultimately to direct our clients to the Creator and His Pure Light by the ways He designed healing for the physical body, and thus leading our clients to freedom and shalom.

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What is Photobiomodulation?

Big word | Powerful results

Firefly Light Therapy™ is the latest in multi-spectrum LED light therapy, or Photobiomodulation, for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogen issues. Exciting data from current clinical studies indicate that Bales Photonics Firefly Light Therapy may be able to reverse the symptoms of central nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Additionally, extensive proof exists documenting pain relief from all types of inflammatory diseases and injuries with the use of this multi-spectrum technology.

Combine Firefly with an F-scan and function generator and you have a powerfully accurate new way to pinpoint and potentially destroy parasites in patients suffering from a variety of auto-immune disorders and gut issues.

Firefly utilizes a powerful wave of light to penetrate the skin, tissue, and surrounding nerves to treat soft tissue injuries, reduce pain, promote wound healing, and provide therapy for chronic conditions such as arthritis and failed back syndrome. Before and after infrared images of treated areas show increased blood circulation allowing the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery.